We are excited to announce that this May, Master Barber Josh O.P. will be extending his extensive travels for education to South Africa!

Josh is one of the fastest growing barbers out of the UK and is known for his unique styling techniques, reverse fading and signature line ups.

He will be offering a full day course as well as look and learn seminars, sign up to the mailing list on our Facebook page to get more info on course dates and seminars.

What do you do to stand out from the crowd?

In Josh’s own words:

My name is Josh O’meara-Patel aka barber.josh.o.p and I’m a 24 year old mens hair artist from Birmingham, UK. Barbering is a true art form and I fell in love with it in the most bizarre way. I was at university studying geography and woke up one morning with an idea I wanted to be a barber. I dropped out of uni immediately bought a pair of clippers and began cutting hair in my kitchen. It was here I taught myself to cut hair. From there I worked in a local shop and began progressing to better and better shops as my work improved. As I built a base for impeccable consistency my artistic flare and creativity came to the floor. Art is what inspires you in the moment and so I simply let my mind sculpt the upon the canvas in front of me as your hands are simply your brains tools. I am a firm believer that mindset is the key to success. I believe success is 80% mindset as without the right mindset your skills are useless and I am excited to come to South Africa to not only show your me techniques and processes but also to show you how to control your mind to prepare yourself to succeed.